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Ligo Partners is a multi-family office based in Miami run by Alec Andronikov (Principal) and Cindy Mihalova (Chief Investment Officer).


Ligo Partners co-invests with our discrete and invitation-only consortium of like-minded investors into disruptive tech-focused deal flow sourced from top venture capital firms in tech hubs such as Silicon Valley, New York and Los Angeles.


As of January 2021, Ligo Partners’ global platform co-invests with 610 domestic and international family offices and qualified investors with a combined net worth of $55B who are interested in non-traditional, market-uncorrelated technology investment opportunities that (a) are not easily found (think Uber at seed); and (b) have shown resilience to recent changes in the recent macroeconomic environment.


Our investment team sources 60+ potential investments each month with an important selection criteria: the deal is led by a top venture capitalist or an investor in the Ligo family office community. Hence, 100% of our deal flow is warmly referred, often proprietary and mostly off-market.


Our investment committee then selectively curates top 5 deals - one fund allocation, four direct investments - showcased via highly time-efficient 30min curated deals monthly webinar.