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3D Bio

3D Bio


Health Care, AI

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Founders Fund-backed tissue printing company





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About 3D Bio

Backed by the Founders Fund, 3DBio is the first clinical-stage bioprinting company to ever receive approval to initiate a clinical trial to implant 3D-printed living tissues in patients.

Implantation of the first 3D-printed human tissue is imminent, which builds on other significant milestones to date including IND approval and Orphan Disease and Rare Pediatric Disease Designations from the FDA.

The development and executive teams have deep experience prior to 3DBio working at McKinsey, LifeCell, Integra, Sanofi, Regeneron and Johnson & Johnson.

$8mm in a convertible note is available with a $70M cap, backed by Founders Fund, Lowercase and Expa. The minimum check size is $250k.