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Health Care, Alzheimer's

series D

Alzheimers breakthrough drug with $500M Series D pre-money




$25bn by 2027

Global TAM



Left In the Round

Backed By:

About Alzheon

Backed by the Ally Bridge Group, Alzheon is a biotechnology platform company who’s lead drug is an orally taken treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), ALZ-801. Alzheon assesses that ALZ-801 will earn $7b in ARR when they go to market in 2025.

Alzheon’s is the only AD biotech using a precision medicine approach, targeting those with the APOE4/4 gene that makes them high risk for AD. Due to this, NIH provided a $47M grant to Alzheon in APR 2020. The company boasts ALZ-801 will be more effective, with greater tolerability than Biogen, Eisai, Eli Lilly, and Roche competitors.

The company anticipates an exit within 18-24 months.

$29M left in the $50M Series D led by a strategic investor. Pre-money is $500M. Minimum check size is $1M.

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