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Ayar Labs

Ayar Labs


Semicondoctor, Hardware

series B

World’s leading social health network with over 3.3mm members and $7.1mm topline





Gross Revenues 2021


5yr YTY Rev Growth

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About Ayar Labs

Ayar Labs has developed the first optical I/O chiplet that eliminates the bottlenecks in traditional copper-based systems by allowing computer chips to communicate using light rather than electricity.

With 98 patents, Ayar Labs is disrupting the semiconductor and computing industries by accelerating computing performance 1000x over current systems at 10x lower power consumption.

Founded in 2015 following 10 years of research and collaboration between MIT and UC Berkeley, the company is generating $11.8mm in revenues in 2021, growing 98% YoY since 2019 serving top enterprise customers including Lockheed Martin, Intel, and GlobalFoundries amongst others.

$20mm is open in a $100mm round with participation from Founders Fund, Playground, Applied Ventures, Lockheed Martin, and Intel Capital.


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