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IR Scientific

IR Scientific


Health Care, Hardware

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GSK-backed super-particle healthtech with 60+ patents in pipeline





Patented formulations in biomaterials


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About IR Scientific

Backed by GSK and run by experienced scientists with more than 60 patented formulations in biomaterials, IR-S is positioned to disrupt the oral care market while developing new opportunities in markets that total more than $150B.

The technology, Sensi-IP, is a super-particle technology that outperforms all sensitivity and enamel technologies. The superiority of the technology has been validated by leading global players in each of the CPG, Chemical, Manufacturing and Testing spaces.

The company indicates a significant appetite for its technology to be acquired in an 18- to 24-month timeframe, post clinical trials. IR has been presented with terms from the leading Consumer Packaged Goods company in this segment, offering to cover approximately 1/3 of clinical trial costs in a non-dilutive manner.

$1.5M is left in a $3M round led by GSK. Pre-money valuation is $30M. Minimum ticket is $50k