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The world’s first satellite-direct-to-phone system





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About Lynk

Lynk is the world’s first, and only, patented and proven satellite-direct-to-mobile-phone system operating in 2G/3G/4G/5G bands.
Without the need for a big, specialized antenna on the ground, TAM is $400bn or 10x bigger than SpaceX’s Starlink.
Lynk partners with telecoms to provide service where there is currently no signal. The company has signed 8 contracts in 7 months with mobile network operators (MNOs) for >$130mm in value. MNO contracts are projected to grow to $2bn by end of 2022.
The company is led by a SpaceTech entrepreneur who commercialized the ISS. Ex-president of Sprint oversees securing contracts with MNOs.
$5mm is left in a $10mm round. Investors include Rise of the Rest (Revolution), One Way, Unshackled, Blazar, Hemisphere, and ex-CEO of AOL Steve Case.