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Web3 shopping platform for Gen Z with $5mm ARR








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About Octi

Octi is a commerce-driven social platform for millions of users aging out of Roblox and into the metaverse.
Creators on the platform produce content using their personal collection of digital assets. Octi users earn in-app coins as their content gains traction, and as they support other creators on the app. These “Octi Coins” convert into real world cash when used to make physical purchases from an ever-growing list of popular brands.

Octi launched at #1 on the US App Store in November 2021, and has already amassed 350k users on the platform while generating over $150k in real-world GMV through their commerce partners.

$9mm left in their $20mm Series B led by I2BF. Other investors include Lupa Systems (James Murdoch), David Solomon (Goldman Sachs), Live Nation Entertainment, Shasta Ventures, Truesight Ventures and Day One Ventures.